Concepts that came from customer's distress

We position import/export business with abroad as an important segment in the future, and promote discovering/acquiring new customers. In addition, we are intended to maximize group profit by achieving synergy between Golfking and partner companies through bricks-and-clicks business. We have a good record with import/export golf goods with The United States, Europe, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Please contact us when you are interested.

Are anything bothering you?

Wholesaler in Japan now is --
  • Not having sales force
  • Buying only a small-lot
  • Not handiling foreign products
  • Having a long payment cycle
  • Slow to contact and poor to support
Supplier in Japan now is --
  • Slow to contact and poor to support
  • Having a long time to shipping
  • Accepting only a large-lot
  • Offering high purchase prices
  • Handling only new products

Are anything bothering you?

Golfking meets your variety needs.

Want to do business by exporting foreign products to Japan Buying only small-lot

Want to export golf goods from Malaysia
If you choose Golfking・・・You can develop a shop there/ start Internet shopping site. You will have a quick response even to a large-lot.
Want to change current wholesaler!!
If you choose Golfking・・・If you are doing export business and not satisfied with transaction amount or support, we can offer better deals.

Want to import Japanese- brands

Want to import golf clubs made by Japanese manufacturers to Indonesia
We can offer a deal using our own distribution network if you are interested in domestic manufacturer.
Want to open a secondhand golf shop abroad!!
We have an abundant variety of used items, so we can go along with your wishes.

Slow to contact and poor to supportt

Golfking Just Now Please Contact Us Slow to contact and poor to support

Obviously we cope quickly with domestic initiatives!! Buying only small-lot

Want to sell a whole shop with a lot of used clubs
If you choose Golfking・・・We buy all immediately in cash.
Want to open a secondhand golf shop in Japan!!
If you choose Golfking・・・We own know-how on methods of starting franchise, so we can prepare all the commodity materials which are needed to open a shop.
Golfking Kojyo main office
2-17-2 Kojyo Nishibiwajima-cho,
Kiyosu-City, Aichi 452-0001
Tel 052-502-7800
Fax 052-502-8778
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Golfking Takinomizu office
4-1508 TakinomizuMidori-Ward,
Nagoya-City,Aichi 458-0021
Tel 052-899-4830
Fax 052-896-0182
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Golfking Ichikawabashi office
5-1 Dankei-tori Showa-Ward,
Nagoya-City, Aichi 466-0842
Tel 052-858-3112
Fax 052-848-6696
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Golfking miyoshi office

12-1 miyoshi-sho hara ,
miyoshi-City, Aichi 470-02242
Tel 0561-65-5310
Fax 0561-65-5312
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Golfking toyota office
12-11 2 Hinodecho,
Toyota, Aichi 471-0075
Tel 0565-36-0382
Fax 0565-36-0392
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